Fall 2018 Environmental Conference

Anacostia River Sediment Project and 200 Anniversary of the Anacostia - Richard Jackson, Deputy Director DOEE

All-Electric, Propane and CNG Vehicles - John Murach, BGE; Mike Petito, Sharp Energy; Dave Detrick, Chesapeake Utilities

Utility Sector Water Updates with MDE and ACE - Amanda Sigillito, MDE; Donald Bole, US Army Corps of Engineers

Zoo Partnership – Vegetation Management Providing Browse for Animals - Andrew Young, Maryland Zoo; Dance Mance, BGE; Ken Race, Lewis Tree

New and Updated General Discharge Permits: 17-HT and 11-PE - Paul Hlavinka, MDE; Jonathan Rice, MDE

Regulatory Update on Utility Waste Topics - Jim Roewer, USWAG

Maryland Stormwater Management and MDE Technical Memos (#2, #4) - William Carpenter, McCormick Taylor

Expanded Use of Drones in Utilities - Dale Davis and Dennis Dunning, Exelon Generation

New E-Manifests: Larry Liden, Exelon Generation; Bob Hufnal, HydroChemPSC

Fall 2017 Environmental Conference

Getting More from Green Building DesignEmerging Alternatives to the Traditional Design and Certification Process for Construction Projects – Sean Goodrick, Tevebaugh Assoc.

Energy Storage, Renewables and What’s Coming – Susan Gray, Deputy Director, Power Plant Assessment Division, DNR

Secretary Grumbles’ Agenda and Constructive Changes for Maryland Utilities – Denise Keehner, Program Manager, Waterways and Wetlands Division, MDE

Anacostia River Sediment Project – Consultative Work Group PresentationCatherine Trent, Washington Gas and Ravi Damera, AECOM

Water Issues including Proposed General Permit Renewals  - 17-HT Presentation, 16-PE Presentation and Toxic Materials Permit by Rima Abouzeid and Jonathan Rice, MDE

DPL - Cedar Creek to Milford 230 kV Transmission Line Rebuild – Project Overview – McCormick Taylor

Federal Framework of RCRA Regulations and Other Waste Management Issues – Larry Liden, Exelon Power and Chair of Low Volume Waste Committee, USWAG

Incorporating Risk Assessment into EHS Compliance Auditing Programs – TRC

Infrastructure Project Reviews and Influence of the Environmental Community – Kathy Anderson & Joseph DaVia, Maryland Section Chiefs, Army Corps of Engineers 

 Ensuring Successful Horizontal Directional Drilling Projects – John Bredenkamp, Project Manager, SMECO

Fall 2016 Environmental Conference

Water Quality Issues and Storm Water Requirements
by Collin R. Burrell, Associate Director, Water Quality Division, DC Department of Energy & Environment

Regulatory Remediation Developments: EPA’s Recent Proposals to Add a Vapor Component to the CERCLA Hazard Ranking System and to Remove the CERCLA/RCRA Exemption from the NESHAP Site     Remediation Rule
by Allison Foley, Attorney, Venable, LLP

Using Utility Lands for Pollinators and Wildlife
by Dr. Ashley Ossher, Manager, Conservation Planning, Wildlife Habitat Council

Decommissioning in Generation and Energy Delivery Systems
by Jim Roewer, Executive Director, Utility Solid Waste Activity Group

PSEG Keys Energy Independent Environmental Monitoring Program
by David Hinchey, PSEG and Megan Welling, McCormick Taylor

Hydro Plant Relicensing Project
by Colleen Hicks, Exelon Generation

Meeting Stringent Effluent Limits in Storm Water Discharges from Utilities
by Ravi Damera, P.E., BCEE, AECOM

O&M Challenges in Underground Utility Vaults and Manholes
by Dan Parker, CEO & Founder, C.I. Agent Solutions

Drone Technology and Environmental Monitoring
by Dale Davis and Alexis Dankmyer, Exelon Generation

Prince George's County and District of Columbia Reliability and Reinforcement Project (PGCDCRRP)
by Hillery Kelly, Washington Gas

DPL - Crest Substation, Review of the Siting and Permitting Process
by Chuck Reed, Pepco Holdings

New Construction Permitting Flexibility and Adaptation
Brian Hoyt, Raven Power

Fall 2015 Environmental Conference

Environmental Priorities of District Department of Energy & Environment
by Richard Jackson, Deputy Director, Environmental Services Administration, DDOE

PCB NPRM Update/Non-Liquid Uses of PCBs: Related Compliance, Operational and Enforcement Considerations
by Allison Foley, Attorney, Venable, LLP

Treated Wood: Regulatory Pressures and Mitigation Activities; Update on CCR Regulations
by Jim Roewer, Executive Director, Utility Solid Waste Activity Group

Construction Best Management Practices: Ways to Improve Environmental Oversight
by Ed Tracey, Director, Environmental Project Management, Exelon Generation

SPCC Guidance for Regional Inspectors
by Mark Howard, National SPCC Program Lead, USEPA

The 2015 Update to the Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Act (GGRA) Plan and Moving Beyond
by John Quinn, Director of Government and Legislative Affairs, BGE

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise - Part 1
Climate Change and Sea Level Rise - Part 2
Climate Change and Sea Level Rise - Part 3
by Kristin Baja, Climate and Resilience Planner and Floodplain Manager, Baltimore City

Fall 2014 Environmental Conference

Federal PCB Developments: EPA’s Rulemaking; Update on Cleanup and Disposal Programs
by Allison Foley, Attorney, Venable LLP

12-SW General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated With Industrial Activity (Final

by Paul Hlavinka, Technical Lead and Responsible Administrator, Maryland Department of the Environment

Benning Road Power Plant Decommissioning and Demolition Project
by Jim McNulty, Program Manager, Pepco Energy Services

USWAG Update: CCR, Treated Wood and Decomm
by Jim Roewer, Executive Director Utility Solid Waste Activity Group

Working with the Maryland Historical Trust MD SHPO
by Dixie Henry, Archeologist and Preservation Officer, and Jonathan Sager, Historian and Preservation Officer, Maryland Historical Trust

MDE 2014 Regulatory Update: Overview of Regulatory Changes Impacting the Utility Industry in Maryland
by Jay Sakai, Director, Water Management Administration, Maryland Department of the Environment

General Permits for Stormwater Associated with Construction Activity: Status and Transition to Next

by Jesse Salter, Head of Technical Services and Permitting Section, Compliance Program, Maryland Department of the Environment

Fall 2013 Environmental Conference

Air Issues, Climate Change, and Enforcement in the District of Columbia
by Kimberly Katzenbarger, DC Department of the Environment

Sustainable DC: Climate Planning and Urban Resilience
by Kimberly Katzenbarger, DC Department of the Environment

Land Issues Impacting Utilities in Maryland
by Horacio Tablada, Maryland Department of the Environment

Challenges Impacting Critical Electrical Infrastructure in the Floodplain and Flood Prone Areas due to Storm Events and Sea-level Rise
by Chuck Reed, Pepco Holdings

BGE’s Proposed Constitution Street 115 kV Switching Station Project
by Jim Burkman, Baltimore Gas and Electric

Challenges to Underground Utilities in Floodplain and Flood Prone Areas
by Tennile Rubin, Chesapeake Environmental Management

Water Issues/National Rulemaking and Policy Developments
by Brooks Smith, Troutman Sanders

Land Use Issues in Maryland
by Jennifer Busse and M. Trent Zivkovich, Whiteford Taylor Preston

Wetlands and Waterways Permitting Update
by Joseph DaVia, US Army Corps of Engineers

Improving Customer Service
by Gary Setzer, Wetlands and Waterways Program, Maryland Department of the Environment


Fall 2012 Environmental Conference

DC Water Pretreatment Program - Requirements and Limits
by Elaine Wilson, Pretreatment Supervisor - Wastewater Treatment,
DC Water and Sewer Authority

Regulatory Changes Impacting MD Utilities Including NPDES Permits
by Jay Sakai, Director of Water Management Administration, MDE

Interactive Permitting Presentation
by Jim Burkman, BGE and Chuck Reed, Pepco

The Regulatory Landscape on Air in 2020
by Monica Gibson, Attorney, Venable LLP

Hot Environmental Issues for Utilities: Coal Combustion Byproducts, PCB Regulations, etc.
by Jim Roewer, Executive Director, USWAG

ISO 14001 Certification of Utilities – Benefits and Challenges
by Dan Norden, BGE

Herbicides: Collaborative Efforts, Sustainable Results
by Richard Johnstone, President of IVN Partners
from Transmission and Distribution World magazine, October 2012 issue


Fall 2011 Environmental Conference

Top 10 Audit Findings for Utilities and How to Avoid Them
Jim Balik, CPEA, AECOM

The Changing Landscape of PCB Regulation:
TSCA Reform, EPA’s Rulemaking, and Related Equipment Management Issues for Utilities

by Allison D. Foley, Attorney, Venable LLP; Counsel for USWAG

Regulatory Changes That Will Impact Development and New Construction in Maryland
by Jay Sakai, Director, Water Management Administration,
Maryland Department of the Environment

GHG Mandatory Reporting Experiences, Lessons Learned,
and How EPA Intends to Use this Information

by John Quinn, Director, Environmental Issues Management, Constellation Energy Group


Fall 2010 Environmental Conference

Air Quality Regulatory Update
by Wendy Merz and Mike Remsberg, Trinity Consultants

BGE’s Environmental Management System (EMS) and ISO 14001 Certification Project
by Dan Norden, BGE

Constellation Energy - Environmental Management System
by Ed Tracey, Constellation Power Generation

Pepco Holdings - Environmental Management System
by Gus Johnson, Pepco

The PCB Use Authorizations and Related Regulatory and Legislative Developments
by Doug Green, Venable


Fall 2009 Environmental Conference


Policy Changes Affecting Utilities in Maryland
by Jay Sakai, Director of the Maryland Department of Energy’s Water Management Administration

General Permit for Stormwater Associated with Construction Activity


Fall 2008 Environmental Conference


Regulatory Outlook on Coal Ash, PCBs, and Treated Wood/Importance to Utility Industry/Brief Update on SPCC Rule
by Jim Roewer, Director of USWAG

Maryland Regulatory Update - RGGI and More
by John Quinn, Director of Environmental Issues at Constellation Energy

Climate Change/Energy Efficiency - Let’s Get Real
by Ann Elsen, President of Elsen Energy Associates
and Rob Taylor, Energy Manager at WSSC

Associate Member Presentations

Clean Venture/Cycle Chem